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Wot-a-CARD began as an idea and has evolved into a wife and husband team home industry.
We design and manufacture unique greeting cards, gift tags, money tins and seating cards and supply pharmacies, gift stores, florists, kids toy and stationery shops throughout the country.
We also design and manufacture bespoke invitations for special occasions.

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New Designs

All new designs are available in their respective catalogues for both Greeting Cards and Gift Tags.

Greeting Cards

Each greeting card measures 105mm x 148mm, has a colour coded envelope and is sealed in a clear plastic sleeve.
The inside is blank and the card is barcoded.

Gift Tags

Each gift tag measures 70mm x 74mm, has double sided tape on the back
and is sealed in a clear plastic sleeve. The inside is blank and the tag is barcoded.

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Each Money Tin measures 66mm X 100mm. Each design is covered with clear acetate.
New designs can be personalised to promote and advertise your business.

The Table Seating Card Box contains 24 seating cards.
Each seating card  measures 8 cm x 4 cm when  folded.
New designs can be personalised for your special occasion.

Plastic laminated Book Marks measuring 15 cm X 4 cm with Cord tie at the top

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